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KS1 and KS2 Skill Progression Documents

Commando Joe

The Commando Joe programme is progressive from Early Years to Year 6. The scheme works on building confidence, teamwork, resilience, improving self-esteem and allowing children the chance to make decisions under pressure. Most of all, it builds on and develops life skills. It gives children opportunities to take on challenges, become leaders and work independently.



We are very lucky to have a group of year 5 and 6 children who work alongside teaching staff and mid-day supervisors at play time and lunch time, every day, to encourage children to be more active. They work on both the infant and junior playgrounds to set up and manage different games and activities for the children to take part in. This has proven very popular and extremely beneficial to the children’s confidence, self-esteem and active status. It has created new friendships across year groups and has encouraged more children to join in team games and become more active. The play-leaders take responsibility for planning the games, sorting the equipment and resources and managing the activity. They are also responsible for returning all the equipment at the end of break and ensuring it is stored safely and correctly. The children follow a rota which gives each play-leader four weekly slots, a playtime and a lunchtime on the infant yard and a playtime and lunchtime on the junior yard. There is also a rotation system for which year groups take part in the planned activities to reduce participants in each game, ensure safety of the children and maximise the game. Last year the children were awarded yellow play-leaders hoodies which they wear with pride.

Each year new play-leaders are appointed. Chris Wright of Wright Sports Services delivered the initial play-leader training with the children and staff. Every academic year, the 6 children deliver the training to the new year 5 leaders.

Sports Coaches, Swimming and events.

We are very lucky each week to welcome Rob from Wright Sports Services/Chance Camp who works with each class coaching a variety of sports and events. Wright Sports Services also send different coaches to us during the year who specialise in workshops or units of work with specific year groups.

At Flimby Primary School, we believe in providing our children with as many opportunities as possible. Each year we book companies to come and run health and fitness workshops with each year group, some of which include KidzFit, yoga, gymnastics, Bikeability and wheelchair basketball. We have also made links with Workington Academy and invite some of their pupils to assist with these events where possible. 

In addition to attending competitions within the Maryport Cluster, we try to run competitions and events in-school, where children can compete against each other, within their own class or against another year group. Earlier in the year we held a gymnastics event which the school council judged. It was fantastic! 

Currently, all of the children in KS2 enjoy swimming sessions as part of the curriculum.

2019-2020 Evidencing the Impact

2018-2019 Sports Premium Funding Review

Sports Funding 2018-2019

Amount of grant received £17,380


Area of Focus Evidence Actions Effective use of funding Funding breakdown Impact


Develop the quality of sport skills across the school by employing specialist coaches to deliver to all pupils. 




Children in Years 1-6 attend a minimum of 5 weeks swimming



Purchase of new equipement









Schools own data, observation, feedback from pupils, pupil performance




To allow children to be able to swim




Equipment used to enhance teaching & learning 






Commissioning and employ coaches 






To book buses and swimming pool



Audit of current equipment & order replacement and new resources





Access to qualified coaches






Access to qualified coaches




enhanced by appropriate resources






















Enhanced pupil performance, positive attitudes to health and well-being.



Positive health impact and water safety


Children able to access fully all lessons with appropriate and effective resources




To continue to develop the quality of PE teaching across the school through links with the consortium and the Secondary partnership, and through investment in the PE Hub to enhance planning and assessment.

Feedback from CPD. Lesson observation. Pupil Performance. Clear records and evidence of assessment. Consistent PE planning across the school. Audit current training and arrange as necessary. PE co-ordinator to attend PLT meetings. Purchase of and training in the use of the PE Hub. Moderation by co-ordinator Improving staff professional skills and ensuring consistent planning and assessment throughout the school £3500 Staff are more confident and competent in the teaching of PE. Planning and assessment is consistent throughout the school. Standards are improved

Participation and success in competitive school sports.

Compete in inter school and local level competitive activities.

Pupils from both Key Stages entered in a variety of sporting competitions Pupils of all abilities from all classes entered in a variety of inter school competitions and in intra-school sports activities  Pupils access health and fitness opportunities. All pupils access competitive sports and meet and compete against children from different schools £3000 Pupils obtain a high level of success in competitive sports. Pupils enjoy participating in local competitions. Pupils develop positive attitudes to sports and sportsmanship.


Offer specialist sports coaches for after-school clubs. Offer after school sport to pupils in Key Stages 1 and 2.


Level of participation. Pupil comments. Development of skills in pupils

Pupils of all abilities encouraged to attend extra-curricular clubs.

Sports coaches employed to offer a variety of skills.

All pupils have access to a breadth of sports and physical activities. £2500 Increased breadth of opportunity. Increased inclusivity and opportunities for all pupils.


2017-2018 Sports funding review.


The school received £17,300 sports funding from the Department for Education in the 2017-18 academic year. The  money was used for the following activities:

  •  fund sports coaches
  • competitions entry
  • entry into the sports partnership programme
  • new large PE equipment.
  • swimming for years 1 to 6

The funding will be allocated for the same provision this year due to the success of last year's allocation.

The following was achieved using sports funding:

  • Professional sports coaches provided skill development for all children from Foundation to Year 6. This included rugby, tennis, cricket and multi skills. 
  • The children across the school participated in a variety of inter-school competitions including football, cross-country and gymnastics.
  • Investment in the Sports Partnership Programme with our partner secondary school meant the children could participate in numerous sporting activities.
  • New small equipment was purchased to replace worn out resources.
  • All children from Years 1 to 6 participated in at least a half term swimming with professional swimming teachers.