Key Stage One


Years 1 and 2

Year A Year B
History Events beyond living memory of significance- (Great fire of London, Gunpowder plot)


Significant Individuals- Mary Seacole/ Florence Nightingale, Neil Armstrong, Henry Viii, Elizabeth 1,


Local significant individuals- Wainwright, Wordsworth, Eddie Stobbart.


Local festivals and traditions (e.g.) crab fair


Changes in Britain since 1950- transport, toys, food and eating, schools


Changes locally since 1900- growth as a village


Historical buildings locally choose from: Hadrian’s wall, Florence Mine, Muncaster Castle, Workington Hall, Rum Story



Geography The world around us- continents, oceans and the UK


Our locality- human and physical features of the village/ West Cumbria


Another locality -human and physical features of a village/ town in Africa (or) South America


Weather and Climate in the UK and the world- severe weather in the UK and around the world


Compass directions- 4 points and directional language


Maps – human and physical features, create own simple map with symbols. Study of school grounds and village.


Religious Education Christianity- Old Testament stories

Local church focus

Sikhism- what do they believe? Daily life? Festivals and worship

Thoughts about God

Christianity- stories Jesus told/ stories about Jesus

Celebrations for marriage, birth, death, significant celebrations in other religions

Respecting religions/ collaboration

Computing typing- use of a keyboard, word processing skills

How do devices work? ( bee-bots)

Art- making pictures/ collages


online safety

typing- use of a keyboard- word processing skills

simple programming on and off screen including scratch/ purple mash

Design Technology Design, make and evaluate:

Bridges ( over a Lake District river)

A boat which will float

A healthy snack/s

Design, make and evaluate:

A vehicle/ toy which moves

A castle with a drawbridge

Clothing which is waterproof




Working Scientifically is through-out

Plants- structure and names


Animals including humans – names and body parts


Everyday materials


Light sources




Seasonal changes

Living things and their habitats


Plants- conditions for growing


Animals including humans – health and growth


Uses of everyday materials




Seasonal changes


PSHE People who help us- including emergency services

Keeping ourselves safe

Keeping healthy- food and fitness

Looking after animals

Respecting differences

Who are special people to us

Money matters

Our community/ school

Making the right choices


Being environmentally friendly

Art and Design  Sketching-  Our locality

Painting-  Self portraits

Collage- Seasonal link (e.g.) Autumn

Printing- fruits and vegetables

shadows and colour

3D modelling- salt dough

Artist focus: ‘people’ or ‘landscapes’

Sketching-  Our school

Painting- beach habitat/ patterns from nature

Collage- beach habitat

Printing- Seasonal link ( leaves)

3D modelling- paper mache

Artist focus: ‘nature’ or ‘water’





Learn 5 songs and perform to an audience

Use percussion instruments which can be hit, plucked or shaked- choose appropriate ones


Learn and discuss volume, pitch and tempo- explore tuned instruments

Pictorial representation / notation for composed pieces

Listen to music from different time periods and discuss this, creating own similar pieces

Learn 5 songs and perform to an audience


Use percussion instruments which can be hit, plucked or shaked- choose appropriate ones


Listen to music with different genres- discuss and create own similar pieces

Pictorial representation / notation for composed pieces

Make own musical instruments


Key Stage 1 – hours per year

Subject Hours per year ( minimum)
English 195
Maths 195
Science 45
Physical Education 78
Design Technology 15
Art 15
Music 20
RE 30
Geography 30
History 30
Computing 30

We offer our deepest sympathies at the passing of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II
1926 - 2022