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Year 3

Welcome to Year 3!

We are always very busy in Year 3 - take a look below to see what we have been up to this year!

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Times Table Rockstars

Year 3 are training to become Times Table Rockstars. Times Table Rockstars is a programme of daily times tables practise, with each week concentrating on a different times table to help consolidate and improve recall. The class have been playing the online games and have also been doing daily paper practise to earn a rock speed - the average speed it takes them to answer each question. Children have been moving up through the leader board, getting closer and closer to answering each question in less than a second. If they achieve this goal, they will become a Rock Hero. Who will be the first to become a Rock Hero?

Train Ride - March 2019

We have been on a trip to the Millom Train Museum. We travelled to the museum by train and learnt all about the railway while we were there. We got to explore the museum and take part in a scavenger hunt to find different artefacts in the museum. We all had a fab day!

Extreme Earth - Spring 2019

This term our topic has been Extreme Earth. We went on a journey through the Earth to discover the different layers that make up the Earth and wrote our own tour guides. We have learnt how volcanoes are made and created top trumps about the world's most famous volcanoes. We had a visit from a volcano expert and got to make lots of models erupt and explode! We also worked in teams to create big fact files about famous earthquakes and volcanoes. Have a look at some of our work and activities below!

Dance - February 2019

This half term our PE topic has been dance. We have created a class dance inspired by the book Matilda. We used improvisation, levels and props to create our dance, as well as thinking about the different characters from the story. 

English - The Three Little Pigs - Spring 2019

This half term we are writing the true story of The Three Little Pigs. We are re-writing the story from the wolf's point of view to share his side of the story, as he believes that he has been wrongly accused and imprisoned!


The Stone Age - Autumn 2018

This term we have been learning all about the Stone Age, including the Bronze and Iron Ages. We have learnt about different Stone Age animals, made our own cave paintings, wrote a diary entry inspired by the book The Stone Age Boy and made our own stewed fruit - a Stone Age delicacy! We also visited Tullie House where we looked at Stone, Bronze and Iron Age artefacts. We have learnt how Bronze Age people used stone circles for trading, made our own clay beakers, explored Iron Age village life and we even made our own round house in the classroom!

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Magical Magnets - October 2018

Our science topic for this half term is magnets. We have had a fantastic time investigating magnetic materials, finding out how magnets work and exploring how the two poles of a magnet repel or attract. We finished off our topic by designing and making our own magnetic board games, which we showcased to parents and grown ups in our very own science fair. 

KNEX Challenge - October 2018

This half term we took part in a KNEX Challenge delivered by C-STEM. We became engineers for the afternoon and had a go at constructing different structures using the rods and connectors. We had a competition to see which pair could build the tallest tower, and were set a challenge to build a helmet that had to fit, and have a special feature. We all had a fantastic afternoon. Here are some photographs of our structures.