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Year 3

Welcome to Year 3!

We are always very busy in Year 3 and try to have as much fun as possible when learning about new topics.

Magical Magnets - October 2018

Our science topic for this half term is magnets. We have had a fantastic time investigating magnetic materials, finding out how magnets work and exploring how the two poles of a magnet repel or attract. We finished off our topic by designing and making our own magnetic board games, which we showcased to parents and grown ups in our very own science fair. 

KNEX Challenge - October 2018

This half term we took part in a KNEX Challenge delivered by C-STEM. We became engineers for the afternoon and had a go at constructing different structures using the rods and connectors. We had a competition to see which pair could build the tallest tower, and were set a challenge to build a helmet that had to fit, and have a special feature. We all had a fantastic afternoon. Here are some photographs of our structures.